Illuminate Your Home: Expert Tips for Outdoor Lighting

Looking to elevate your home's exterior? Outdoor lighting is the key. In this article, garden designer Bridget Skinner shares her expert tips on how to illuminate your home from the outside in. Whether you want to enhance safety or create a stunning aesthetic, Skinner's advice will help you transform your front yard, backyard, or patio. Read on to discover the best ways to use LED lights, highlight mature trees, and create unique lighting effects that will make your home shine.

Understanding Your Lighting Priorities

Discover the two primary reasons for adding landscape lighting: safety and aesthetics.

When it comes to landscape lighting, it's important to understand your priorities. According to garden designer Bridget Skinner, there are two main reasons why people choose to add outdoor lights: safety and aesthetics.


Outdoor lighting can serve as both a functional and beautiful addition to your garden. Whether you need to highlight stairs or address numbers, lighting can enhance safety while adding visual appeal.


Skinner emphasizes the impact of lighting on the overall look of your yard. By strategically illuminating trees and plants, you can create beautiful shadows and make your outdoor space truly shine.

Considering the Indoor Perspective

Learn why it's important to consider how outdoor lights can enhance the view from inside your home.

While it may seem counterintuitive, Skinner suggests focusing on how outdoor lights can affect the view from inside your home. By considering the windows and what you see at night, you can appreciate the beauty of your outdoor space even when you're indoors.

Choosing LED Lights for Longevity

Discover the benefits of using LED lights for your outdoor lighting.

LED lights are a popular choice for outdoor lighting, and Skinner is a staunch supporter of this technology. Not only do LED lights last for years, but they also consume less electricity when used with a transformer that converts them to low voltage.

Skinner shares her personal experience, mentioning that the LED light fixtures at her house have lasted for more than 15 years without any issues. By switching to LED lights, you can enjoy long-lasting and energy-efficient outdoor lighting.

Highlighting Mature Trees with Creative Lighting

Discover two unique ways to illuminate mature trees in your yard.

If you have existing large-scale trees or want to bring in new ones, Skinner has two top ideas for you. One option is to place hanging lights in the trees, creating a stunning and unique addition to your outdoor space.

Alternatively, you can install uplights that highlight the tree's trunk and branching structure. Keep in mind that as the tree grows, you may need to adjust the uplight installation to maintain the optimal lighting effect.

Creating Unique Lighting Effects with Pottery

Learn how to add lighting to the inside of pottery for a unique and beautiful effect.

Skinner suggests thinking outside the box by adding lighting to the inside of pots. By running low-voltage lighting cables up into the pots, you can illuminate the contents and create beautiful shadows.

This creative approach adds a unique touch to your outdoor space and allows you to showcase your pottery in a whole new light.

Embracing Abundance: There's No Such Thing as Too Many Lights

Discover why you shouldn't be afraid to add plenty of lights to your outdoor space.

Skinner reassures homeowners that there's no such thing as too many lights. In her 30 years of experience, she has never had a client complain about having too much lighting.

In fact, people often express their delight and ask for more lights. Adding an abundance of lights can truly transform your outdoor space and create a magical ambiance.


Outdoor lighting is a powerful tool for transforming your home's exterior. By understanding your lighting priorities, considering the indoor perspective, and choosing LED lights, you can enhance safety and create a stunning aesthetic. Highlighting mature trees and adding lighting to pottery are unique ways to elevate your outdoor space. And remember, there's no such thing as too many lights when it comes to creating a magical ambiance.


Are LED lights more expensive?

While LED lights may have a higher upfront cost, they are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting options. This can result in cost savings in the long run.

Can I install outdoor lighting myself?

It is possible to install outdoor lighting yourself, but it is recommended to consult with a professional landscaper or electrician to ensure proper installation and safety.

How can I maintain outdoor lighting?

Regular maintenance is important to keep your outdoor lighting in optimal condition. This includes cleaning the fixtures, replacing bulbs as needed, and checking for any damage or issues with the wiring.

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